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Related to the flash, I think there are far worst made by other people then you.

Also the jumping off a building part was kinda funny.

Newsflash: This is spam

This is not Krinkels work (obviously) and this is just spam. A fat guy flicking off a dead guy thats wearing a swastika isint enough to convince me to help this flash get a higher rating. And this is the end of my review because I simply cannot review any further since thats all that you have shown me here.

Overall rating:

0 for trying to get on with the rest of the nazi-hating crowd and for the flash. By this time its already pointless since most people just dont care and ignore instead of just hating them.

One of the better turd of the week winner

As the title says, "one random bunny", even though I saw more.

Even though this was random with only showing bunnies and other stuff walking around with the whole thing including a song that all lasted thirty seconds, this is alittle better than all the other crap I see here.

And when I mean alittle, I mean ALITTLE.


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Cant start it, Right-Clicked it

The start button on the menu doesint work so I had to right-click it to get it to play. Other than that major issue the game itself is a good rather ok concept.

Zombies Took My Review!!!

JK anyway heres my review for this game.

This was a decent game and I liked playing it through. The side quests seemed alittle too straight foward and the endings were brief, but it was still good.

One of the things I liked about this game was definitely the music. Even though having it on a loop made it kinda repetitive its still one worth keeping.

I liked how the controls were straight foward and displayed right beneath your character. Made playing te game much more simpler.

The weapon system might have needed a bit of work. It seemed with my playthrough that every melee weapon would kill a zombie with one hit. (I dont know if thats true or not, its just from my experience playing it two different times) I liked the variety of weapons though.

One annoyace from switching your weapons is that once I switch a weapon I cannot get the weapon I switched back (hate to trade my Combat Shotgun for a Teddy Bear).

Also the thing about finding the virus was something I didint even knew I found. The only mention of the virus was from a text message I found, it was later after I finished the game that I found out I had it.

Liked the survivor system where you randomly find a survivor and they help you kill zeds with the wweaons they have. But sometimes they dont start attacking unless I start. Even if a zed is eating their face.

About eliminating fugitives, were they those guys wearing mask and an orange uniform? Cause in my last playthrough I eliminated all the zombies in that area and he joined me and changed his outfit. It was kinda wierd. Anyway I havent killed a single one yet so thats why I was asking.

And finally, I loved how everything is randomly set up everytime you play the game. Keeps it fresh.

Ok well thats the end of my review I guess. Out of 10 stars I rate this a 8 since I liked playing it through.

Now back to eating...


Good songs,but long gameplay.

This is kinda good.With the songs playing at the main menu and the gameplay songs they remind me of the movie 28 days later.Although this was kinda good,it failed to keep me going all the way because it takes awile to finish 20/30 - 30/30.Also when I was playing more and more people kept comming a me and it slows down the gameplay (especialy near the end where I used the airstrike and the whole game stop for a little bit).

Overall: Good,not great

P.S. Where did you find the songs?

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I like this

I like this song. If I ever do get a computer of my own, and make a flash movie, I would put this song in it. Although it may take awile.

GuitarHeroLOR responds:

fuck you

Sounds ok

It has a nice beat to it.

I like the beat

Although it sounds more like a party song I still like how the song is sounding.

rorychally responds:


So whats new today?

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